Madzibaba Andby
Mutumwa andby1.jpg
BornAndby Makururu
OccupationProphet and Director of Ruvheneko Rwenyenyedzi Trust
OrganizationJohane the 5th of Africa church and Ruvheneko Rwenyenyedzi Trust
Known forbeing a Prophet

Madzibaba Andby born Andby Makururu is a Zimbabwean religious figure and founder of the Johane the 5th of Africa Apostolic church and Ruvheneko Rwenyenyedzi Trust. Madzibaba Antiby's church and Trust are headquartered in Mutare and has numerous branches in the SADC region ( Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, and Zambia) and in the United Kingdom in Nottingham.


In his personal testimony Madzibaba Antiby claimed that he recieved the holy spirit at a tender age. Madzibaba Antby also claims that his annointing came with a lot of suffering as he went blind for close to 7 months and could only restore his sight after he received prayers from a prophet who also revealed to him that he was ordained to do the Lord's work. Madzibaba Antiby also claimed that he received the prayers that restored his sight in 1983 but started officiating as a prophet in 1985.

He specialises or deals with spiritual issues that affect people.

Prophecy on 2018 Presidential Elections

Johane the fifth of Africa commander

Zimunya Church Activity

Zimunya Church visit

11th of January 2019 Church Sermon

11 January 2019

Forming Johane the 5th of Africa church

Madzibaba Andby claims that he was instructed by the holy spirit to form the church and register it under the laws of Zimbabwe. He stated that his move to register the church was also an inspiration from the holy spirit so that he could reign in order among the indigenous churches through leading by example. He also mentioned that registering churches helps the government to regulate church activities and also bring them to book in the event that any crimes are committed.

Forming Ruvheneko Rwenyenyedzi

Madzibaba Andby claims that he was instructed by the holy spirit to form a trust that fights for the rights of women and children in apostolic churches. He registered his trust in August of 2019 in Harare, Zimbabwe under section 13 of the Deeds Registration Act [Chapter 20:05]. Madzibaba Andby launched his trust on the 28th of September 2019.

The organization was founded for the purposes of creating an environment consciously tailored for the protection and development of children, women and families in the Apostolic churches and the community

Fighting Child marriages

Taking a stand campaign

On the 28th of September Madzibaba Anby and Ruvheneko Rwenyenyedzi Trust conducted a solidarity march against child marriages in Mutare. The march ran under the Taking a stand campaign. The campaign shall see anti-child marriages marches being conducted in every provincial capital in Zimbabwe hence covering the ten provinces of Zimbabwe.

Radio Campaigns

Madzibaba Andby has appeared numerous times on Diamond FM talking about the need to fight child marriages and the effects of child marriages on child development.

Madzibaba Andby Annual Charity event

On the 1st of January 2020, Madzibaba Andby and Ruvheneko Rwenyenyedzi Trust launched the annual charity event which complements global sustainable development goals number 1 and 2 which seek to alleviate poverty and hunger respectively. Madzibaba Andby believes that hunger and poverty are the push and pull factors that influence child marriages. He also used the charity event to start a school fees programme which saw over one hundred children getting money for fees and over 300 children getting stationery. Madzibaba Andby also parcelled out food hampers to the elderly member of his church.[1]


The trust conducted the COVID 19 social safety net project at Mutare remand prison. As a way to mitigate the pandemic and control its spread, RRT donated industrial face masks, hand sanitizers to Mutare central prison. The programme also saw the trust donated food to Mutare central prison. The trust has and is providing food hampers, sanitizers to vulnerable families during the scourge of the COVID 19 pandemic. The livelihood campaign is mainly focused on women and child headed families who are more vulnerable to the dire economic consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic The trust has and is conducting Gender based violence ,tracking and mapping, offering psycho socio support to identified victims , referral pathways that lead to legal recourse for victims of gender related violence and counselling to victims online and through phone calls and home visits as follow ups

National Day of prayer Appealing for divine intervention

GOD UPHOLDS THE CAUSE OF THE OPPRESSED AND GIVES FOOD TO THE HUNGRY. THE LORD SETS PRISONERS FREE. From 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day, the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign is a time to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world. It is time for united action from all of us, so that women and girls around the world can live free from harassment, harmful practices, and all other forms of violence. Let’s join the campaign in our localities to make a better world for women, girls and children of today.

Taking a stand Campaign

Taking a stand seeks to cover ten provinces in Zimbabwe where apostolic women, men children will take to the streets to march against child marriages and submit a petition to local political authorities , law enforcement agencies law and policy makers in the ten geopolitical spaces where the march will be conducted. The campaign will also use social media handles that is Facebook, twitter, instagram and its online newspaper to reach out to a wider audience by posting videos and pictures of the processions as well as blogging on topical issues on child rights and development. The marches are hinged on a multi-sectorial footing which champions dialogue and unity of purpose.

Gender Justice Campaign

The Ruvheneko Rwenyenyedzi Trust Gender Justice Campaign is a programme created with the earnest and honest attempt to create a platform that champions gender equity and equality ,addressing the problems of Gender based violence ,child marriages and in the same vain to Complement the Peace begins at home movement which also seeks to foster gender equity and equality in the mainstream community through raising awareness on Gender Based Violence GBV, Sexual and Gender Based Violence SGBV and Child marriages.

Response to allegations leveled Against him by Madzibaba Daniel Mutore

In late February of 2023 Madzibaba Andby’s chairman Madzibaba Daniel Mutore,spoke to H-Metro and made serious allegations against his Former leader. However Madzibaba Andby responded to the allegations Madzibaba Andby said “Daniel Mutore has made serious claims against me via the media and I wish to set the record straight”

  • Daniel Mutore has ceased to be a member of Johanne the 5th of Africa church by his failure to adhere to the church policies and constitution which he swore to uphold upon assuming office as a prophet.
  • His allegations against me are just mere rants of a frustrated men who has failed in his duty and capacity as a prophet.
  • In his fabricated stories he has gone to the length of questioning the anointing which he has followed for close to a decade and responsible for his life transformation.
  • He has a score to settle with me and is an ambitious and power hungry person seeking to put the church into disrepute.
  • He used proceeds from the church to establish his illegal mining operations and upon confrontation left the church and turned to the media to settle a score.