Mahendere Brothers
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Mahendere Brothers
Background information
Years active1990s - current
MembersAmos, Akim, Misheck
Past membersMichael Mahendere

Mahendere Brothers are a music group comprising the brothers, Amos , Michael , Akim and Misheck.

The group shot to fame in the mid nineties with the album Hupenyu Hwepanyika and where known for creative music videos at a time when most artists settled for less.


Part of seven siblings, the Mahendere brothers were born Peter and Diana Mahendere. They grew up in Chitungwiza. The brothers started singing an the early age, with Michael said to have began at only 7 years. [1] One of their sisters passed on. [2] The Mahendere family were part of the AFM Zimbabwe church in Chitungwiza.

Association with UFI

In years from about 2011 onwards, one of the Mahendere brothers, Michael, has been closely associated to the United Family Interdenominational Church, which is led by Emmanuel Makandiwa. Michael Mahendere was part of the Praise and Worship team at the church and on his wedding to his wife Vimba Mahendere, was gifted with Mercedes E320 by Makandiwa. [1]. In addition to being a pastor at the church, Michael is also the music director and lead of a new music group, Direct Worship.

Amos Mahendere. Credit: Southern Eye


The Mahendere Brothers, lead member, Amos Mahendere, threatened and assaulted a commuter omnibus driver with a gun in May 2012. He was sentenced to 210 hours of community service for the offence [3].


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