Mahommed Mussa
Known forwholesale

Mahommed Mussa (MM) is one of the largest wholesale companies in Zimbabwe owned by an Asian family. The MM group comprises of wholesale groceries, electrical, home-center, hardware and LP gas retail. The retail shops are located along 15 South Avenue, Harare Zimbabwe.

Keeping Cash Allegations

The organization was alleged to have withheld cash and contravening government policies however they denied allegations it stashes cash “under the pillow,” saying it deposits its cash with local banks in line with the country’s monetary laws. Sharif Mussa indicated that their confidential financial reports were frequently audited by local authorities [1]

Corpse Dump

In 2004, the body of a suspected pickpocket who was allegedly assaulted by security personnel at Mahomed Mussa Wholesalers in Harare for stealing a box of washing powder was dumped at their wholesale entrances along Orr Street. Anywhere Shayamano died at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals on November 17, 2013, after he was assaulted by three staff members of MM. They had taken him to Harare Central Police Station where they were advised to take him to the hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival. [2]


Mahommed Mussa wholesalers won the second Zimbabwe Wholesaler Award of 2016 at the Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers and Wholesalers (CZRW) awards ceremony. N Richards came first while Bhadhella won the 3rd Award. The awards according to the Confederation are meant to recognize and reward outstanding retailers and suppliers from the retail sector and to reward retail players for the critical role they play to sustain the economy. [3]


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