Mana Pools National Park

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Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park is a tourist resort/attraction located in the Zambezi Valley, downstream from Chirundu in Mashonaland West Province of Zimbabwe. The place hosts local, regional and international tourists who visit the country to have a realistic grasp of the country's diverse and heartening natural environment.

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6km north of Marongora, at the bottom of the escarpment, turn east through the National Parks gate. 30km to Nyakasikana Gate, then 42km to Nyamepi Camp.
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Bookings, through Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority
PO Box 8151 Causeway, Harare.
Tel: +263 242 703376, 792782/9 or 792731.
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Short Description

The pools are surrounded by abundant wildlife along the Zambezi River. There are no physical boundaries around the area which allows the animals to move freely between Zimbabwe and Zambia. There are various wild animals which traverse the environment and their movement patterns are usually influenced by rain seasons and patterns. The name Mana Pools is derived from the Shona word which means four, four in reference to the four pools at the national park.

Mana is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Bird life is larger and more varied than animal life, which is very large! Being based on the seasonal floods to create and fill the pools, it was believed that the construction of Kariba Dam would affect Mana Pools. There has, however, been no deterioration at Mana. [2]


There are quite a number of activities which suit people of different interests, races and religions. Some of the activities found here include canoeing, fishing and boat riding. There are also some intriguing activities such as lion tracking which are offered at the pools but only to a limited number of people. There is also what they refer to as walking safaris in which visitors are given a guide and embark on walks on safaris which is said to be a very challenging experience.

Accomodation Sites

Summer temperatures are very hot with high humidity. There are 43 camping and caravanning sites.

Ruckomechi Camp

This accommodation site offers chalets which have en-suit facilities. [3] The camp is saiid to offer a great view of the parks on either side of the Zambezi

Vundu Camp

This camping site is situated close to the riverbank and has a total of seven tents with each consisting double beds, en-suite plus shower and flushing toilet. It also has several seating places and a bar. [3]

Kanga Bush Camp

The accomodation site is popular for its wildlife spotting opportunities. The place has six canvas tents.

There is also;

Chikwenya Camp

To the east of Mana Pools National Park run by Wilderness Safaris [1].

Other information

In 1984, Mana Pools were the first national park in Zimbabwe to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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