Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority

Zimbabwe National Parks and Wild Life Authority

The Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authorityoperates under an Act of Parliament, the Parks and Wildlife Act of 1975.

The Authority manages one of the largest estates in the country, about 5 million hectares of land or 13% of Zimbabwe’s total land area.


The Authority has a mandate to manage the entire wildlife population of Zimbabwe, whether on private or communal lands. Private landowners can utilize the wildlife on their land but are still accountable to the Authority for the welfare of the animals.

National Parks

These are areas managed and run by the Authority and provide visitors with leisure and accommodation facilities such as lodges, chalets, cottages, caravan sites, camping sites and picnic areas. No hunting is allowed in the National Parks as the Authority endeavours to preserve the pristine and original nature of these areas. Zimbabwe has eleven National located around the country.

Recreational Parks

Recreational Parks are located and centred on and around national lakes, dams or water bodies. The Authority is mandated with the managing of the country’s aquatic life, flora and fauna within the parks as well as to monitor the impact of recreational activities on the environment.

Safari Areas

Controlled hunting is permitted in some areas of the Parks and Wildlife Estate. Hunting is controlled through a comprehensive quota system that allows for sustainable and non-destructive hunting. These areas are separate from Recreational Parks, National Parks and Sanctuaries, thereby reducing conflicting resource usage.

Botanical Gardens & Reserves

Botanic Gardens are areas where indigenous and exotic plant species are protected and propagated.


Sanctuaries are areas that act as reservoirs of animal species that are threatened with extinction, therefore, require safe breeding habitats.