Mbalabala (formerly Balla Balla) is 66 km south east of Bulawayo. It is the fork on the Bulawayo-Beitbridge road to Zvishavane, and a stop on the branch railway to Gwanda and the railhead for the Filabusi mining area. It is home to the ZNA School of Infantry, and formerly the RAR barracks.


Lat/Long: 20° 27′ S, 29° 3′E
Matabeleland South Province.


The name is derived from the Ndebele word for Kudu.
The village hosts a large army barracks, which is the Zimbabwe School of Infantry, formerly Shaw Barracks for the Rhodesian African Rifles from 1976 to 1980.
The site was previously St. Stephen's College from February 1959 to December 1975.

See Mawabeni Secondary School.

Other information

The area's economy is based on gold mining, cattle ranching, and maize production

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