Mbuya Dorcas Hospital entrance along Masotsha Ndlovu road in Waterfalls, Harare

Mbuya Dorcas Hospital is one of the country’s most known private medical centers in Harare. The hospital was an initiative of Dr Ezekiel Guti and his religious organisation, ZAOGA FIF. Officially it is known as the Mbuya Docus Health Centre. The hospital has a commercial pharmacy called Balm Pharmacy.

The hospital has a capacity of 28 beds.


Mbuya Dorcas Hospital opened its doors to the public in September of 2012. Its official opening date however was 9 June 2016. It was officially opened by the then First lady, Grace Mugabe.

At the launch of the hospital, administrator Chiedza Mushawedu said Mbuya Dorcas has two approaches to the treatment of ailments; medical and spiritual. The hospital has a Healing and Deliverance Centre for spiritual healing.[1]

Mbuya Dorcas Official Opening by Grace Mugabe


  • Address: 3631 Masotsha Ndlovu Way, Prospect, Harare
  • Telephone:
    • (024) 2907507
    • (024) 2907508
    • (024) 2907509
    • (024) 2907510
  • Mobile Phone:
    • 0782071280
    • 0782071281
    • 0782071282


Mbuya Dorcas Maternity ward
Mbuya Dorcas Hospital
Mbuya Dorcas Billboard in Waterfalls


  1. Grace Mugabe opens Zaoga hospital, The Herald, Published: 10 June 2016, Retrieved: 17 Feb 2021