Mechanic Manyeruke

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Mechanic Manyeruke
Mechanic Manyeruke, Musician
Born (1942-08-16) August 16, 1942 (age 81)
EducationSt Patrick's Primary School
  • Musician
  • Farmer.
Years active1969 to present
Known forSinging
Home townGweru
Spouse(s)Helena Manyeruke
ChildrenGuspy Warrior, Alexander and seven others

Mechanic Manyeruke who is affectionately known as Baba Manyeruke is a popular Zimbabwean gospel musician who has produced over 25 [1] albums to date. He is one of the pioneers of gospel music.His last born son, Emmanuel Manyeruke has followed his footsteps albeit in dancehall music and is popularly known as Guspy Warrior.


Manyeruke was born on the 16 of August 1942 in Chiwundura Village in Gweru.[2] He went to St Patrick's Primary School in Gweru.He is married to Helena, and the couple is blessed with seven children. Manyeruke lived an oblique life in his early years. He started off as a gardener in Borrowdale.[3] He later became an assistant driver at Clan Transport.[4] From being an assistant driver, he was employed at Anglo-American Corporation initially as a scullion.[4] He rose through the ranks to become a waiter and a special waitress for the directors of the company.[4]

Music career

Manyeruke started his music career in 1956/7 when he was still a student at St Patrick’s. During the school holidays, the mission authorities would ask for musically-talented pupils to perform and Manyeruke was amongst those who were frequently selected.[5] This nurtured his passion for music. By this time, Manyeruke was able to play the banjo. In 1967, He relocated to Harare which was then called Salisbury where he saw the Salvation Army band performing at the Borrowdale Racecourse for a Christmas festival.[5] It was here that his passion for learning the guitar was born. He was fortunate enough as his friend at his former school bought a guitar [5] and he seized the opportunity to teach himself how to play the guitar.

In 1968, he joined Salvation Army. This opened doors of blessings for the talented artist as he was given a chance to sing in Dzivarasekwa at an open air concert. Through his immaculate performance, Jonah Matswetu was determined to incorporate Manyeruke into his band of which this came to pass as Manyeruke eventually Matswetu's band, The Peace Makers.[5] Manyeruke began to teach other guys in Mbare how to play a guitar and other instruments. He later joined another group Gospel Singers which was later renamed Ambassador for Christ which was quite successful embarking on regional tours. The group however collapsed and Manyeruke pursued a solo career. In 1976, he released his first song, The Prodigal Son which was a flop.[2]

Solo career

In 1984, Manyeruke released his first album Zakewu backed by The Puritans after having gone through a rough patch with record companies and producers who were reluctant to produce gospel albums, instead they opted for Chimurenga songs and albums. From 1984 then onwards, Manyeruke began to release albums and by 2000, he had 20 albums. In 2011, he released his 25th album.[6] Some of the tracks from his albums which increased his popularity include, Joseph and Potiphar's Wife, Moses Murenje, Rudo serwa Peter, Madhimoni and Makoroto amongst others.

Gospel Music Ministry

MaSamaria nema Judah

Mosisi Murenje

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Despite being one of the most celebrated gospel musicians in the country, Manyeruke stated that he was not able to cater to his family through the proceeds he got from his musical career. He was thus forced to augment what he made through music by engaging in other professions. He also stated that he only managed to buy a stand in 1997 in Chitungwiza and was able to build a house, as well as catering for his family.[4] He is now into subsistence farming.

Manyeruke looking at his 'car'

Collabo With Guspy Warrior

In 2016, Guspy Warrior said he was Christian and was prepared to work with his father and brother Alexander on any project but emphasized he was not quitting Zimdancehall.

Before that, Manyeruke said he had never seriously listened to his son’s music, but incidentally heard the songs on the radio and watched the videos on television.[7]

In 2019, Manyeruke collaborated with Guspy Warrior for the first time on a song titled "Shungu Dzangu". He said it was his son who came up with the idea that they should have a collaboration.[8]

Manyeruke said he did not turn down the proposal because they both attracted people in their genres and he took it as a chance for him to educate the young generation.

He also revealed plans to record a family album where his two sons Emmanuel (Guspy Warrior) and Alexander would be featuring.

In September 2023, Guspy Warrior featured his father on a song dubbed "Mutirangarire". It was produced by Eugecube and the mixing and mastering were done at Cymplex Music Recording Studio.


In 2013, Manyeruke's consistency and pioneering efforts in the gospel fraternity were to be paid off through the benevolence of a local organisation Pride Africa Network, which donated a posh Jaguar XF car to celebrate his 40-year musical career.[9] The vehicle was supposed to be handed to him on December 19, 2013 but he is still to receive it. .[10] A gospel show was also held to honour Manyeruke in 2013.[11]


Manyeruke officially announced his retirement at the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare on 09 October 2023, capping a career that lasted 67 years. He, however, said he will still be available for hire on “special occasions”.[12]

On 15 November 2023, Manyeruke paid a courtesy call to President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the State House in Harare to inform him that he was retiring from the music industry.[13]


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Before he ventured into gospel, Manyeruke started as a secular musician and recorded his first single in 1969 and and recorded an album with the The Four Brothers in 1973.[14]


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