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MenBelieveED or Men Believe ED is a ZANU PF-affiliated organisation that draws its membership from male youths aged from 15 to 35 years.[1]


MenBelieveED says its main goal is to reach out to male youths and encourage them to participate in the development of the country as well as self-reliance in building their own capital as entrepreneurs.

It says it intends to fight drug abuse, early child marriages and sexual abuse of the male child by working closely with male doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health workers.

MenBelieveED's aim is to create mental health awareness campaigns to alleviate issues of depression, suicide and hopelessness in young males.

The organisation says it will work with media groups, information centres, school heads\ principals, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of ICT to push President Emmerson Mnangagwa's education mandate.

MenBelieveED says it will target young male vendors including deaf vendors, designers/tailors, male hairdressers, bus drivers, conductors, community builders, group leaders, male workers, cross borders, small businesses and various groups of entrepreneurs.

It says it will do this by hosting various events, panel discussions, awards seminars, group projects and development events.

Presidential Solidarity March

MenBelieveED planned to mobilise 100 000 young men from across the country for a presidential march on 27 August 2022 at the Robert Mugabe Square in Harare.[2]

The march was to be held under the theme “Marching towards a victorious 2023”.

MenBelieveED secretary-general Bethel Jaricha said the main purpose of the solidarity march was to show both internal and external forces that Zimbabweans were fully behind Mnangagwa’s leadership.

MenBelieveED spokesperson Timothy Nyakudzuka said the solidarity march was to be a national event.

The march, however, did not materialise, with the group’s founder, Justice Matsatsira, saying they had postponed the march to pave way for the weekend by-elections in Midlands Province.[3]

A by-election was held in the Gokwe-Kabuyani constituency on 27 August 2022 after the seat fell vacant following the death of ZANU PF legislator Leonard Chikomba.

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