Mhangura (formerly Mangula) is a Town in Mashonaland West Province, 185 km North West of Harare and 65 km North of Chinhoyi. It is a copper mining town. The name was probably derived from the Shona word mhangura meaning "red metal" in reference to copper.


Coordinates: 16°54′S 30°09′E
According to the 1982 census, Mhangura had a population of 11,175.
In 2009, the population was about 6,503.


In 1930, a copper deposit was discovered by Anglo American.
In 1955, the deposit began to be worked.
Miriam Mine (formerly Norah Mine) is owned by MTD (Mangula) Zimbabwe Mining Development Corp, with a major government interest. This deposit had 12.3 million tons of reserves in 1984. It was closed. The deposit was composed of a sediment-hosted ore zone following an epidiorite sill. There is evidence of evaporites present in the area.<br/. All mining was closed in the late 1990s, due to falling prices on the world copper market.

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Main crops in the area are maize, tobacco, cotton and coffee.
Natsai Mushangwe, a cricketer, comes from Mhangura.

See Mhangura Secondary School.
See Richmond Secondary School.
See Ridziwi High School.

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