Mnene Hospital

Mnene Hospital is a medical mission hospital, run by the Lutheran Church. It is a 27 bed institution and is the largest District Referral hospital. It is in Mberengwa.

Location and contact details

Mnene Mission Hospital.
Private Bag 232, Mberengwa.
Work Phone: Tel: 051-8-351-3
Cell Phone: Matron Chauke 0712506945
Work Phone: Mr J Moyo 0726266362
Home Phone: Dr Makura 0715432685
Work Email: [1] [2]


In July 2018, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development availed $19 million for road construction projects which link Mberengwa and West Nicholson and another linking Mberengwa and Mataga. Midlands provincial road engineer, Engineer Stephen Kamutema said work on the project has already started. Mberengwa North MP Tafanana Zhou said the development was timely as Mberengwa had a poor road network. Zhou said Mberengwa-Mataga also passes through Mnene Mission Hospital which is one of the biggest referral hospitals in Mberengwa. [3]

Ten people were treated for Cholera in Chomubobo Resettlement Area. Chemubhobho village, is located about 8km from Mnene Mission. Three died in the outbreak, in December 2018. It is suspected that raw sewage from the Lutheran-run hospital contaminated Mnene River. Midlands provincial medical director Dr Simon Nyadundu said the Ministry of Health and Child Care was still to establish the actual source. “The water was contaminated, but we cannot say it is Mnene Mission Hospital because we haven’t established that yet. “We are still investigating,”. Mberengwa North Member of Parliament Tafanana Zhou said samples taken from the river showed that the water was contaminated. [4] [5]

In November 2019, Mnene Hospital had electricity cut off by ZESA. Zesa southern region representative Engeneer King Dube said they did not switch off the entire hospital. "Mnene Hospital owes about $700 000 on its electricity bill and what we have done is to switch off other sections like the hospital staff cottages and other areas," he said. "We did not cut power to the critical sections of the hospital like wards and mortuary." While it is not a Government hospital, it is district's referral hospital. 27-bed hospital [6]

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