Monalisa Henrietta C Zulu (Njuzu)

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Monalisa Henrietta Chavura

Monalisa Henrietta C Zulu popularly known as Njuzu on her social media accounts is a Zimbabwean socialite, commercial and promotional model based in South Africa.


Real Name

Monalisa Henrieta Chavura.[1]


Monalisa is a mother of one according to an article by The Standard.[1]

Pregnancy Announcement

In April 2021, Njuzu announced that she was pregnant with Hell Commander's child.[2]


Njuzu dated Tytan.[3] In March 2021 she was caught in a public love triangle with Trevor Mbizvo and Ms Shally. After Ms Shally dumped Hell Commander, Njuzu dated him briefly before they broke up.


In June 2021, Njuzu revealed she had bought her first house at 28.


In 2017 Monalisa was a brand ambassador for native clothing label — Gentlemen. She participated in the 2016 edition of the Miss Curvy Zimbabwe in Harare.[1]


As a video vixen, Monalisa featured in a video by Tytan titled Bata Bho.[1]

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Leaked Nude Videos

On 12 April 2021, a series of nude videos of Njuzu leaked online. Njuzu said the private videos were leaked by an ex-boyfriend. She said the videos were taken in 2018. Njuzu said she was initially distraught when she realised what had happened but said she had come to terms with it as there was nothing she could do about it. She denied leaking the videos and said the former boyfriend had leaked the videos to ruin her relationship with the Hell Commander whom she said was not bothered by the leak.[4]



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