Mt Darwin West Parliamentary Constituency
Parliamentary Constituency constituency
DistrictMt Darwin
RegionMashonaland Central Province
Major settlements1
Current constituency
Replaced byBarnwell Seremwe
Created fromJoice Mujuru

Mt Darwin West Constituency is found in Mount Darwin, Mashonaland Central province of Zimbabwe. It comprises 11 wards and other major areas such as Dotito, Kuhundo, Chakoma, Kuwani and Nembire. The people rely on subsistence farming and small-scale gold panning, which provides a source of income for residents. Mt Darwin West constituency falls under Mt Darwin Rural District Council. The constituency has 11 wards represented the respective councilors.[1]


The constituency was founded in 1980 when the country attained its independence. Since 1980, the constituency was always led by a ZANU-PF member of parliament Joice Mujuru who was eventually dismissed from government in December 2014 after the party plunged into factional fights and succession disputes. Mujuru was replaced by Barnwell Seremwe who won the primary elections to contest for the parliamentary election which was set to take place on 27 March 2015.


The by-election was held on the 27 of March 2015 following the ouster of Joice Mujuru former vice president and also former MP for the Mt Darwin West constituency. Barnwell Seremwe of ZANU-PF garnered 18 315 votes far ahead of his opponents who bagged a few hundreds.[2]


There are about 5 secondary schools in the constituency and none of them have boarding facilities.[1] All the schools were built after independence showing government's commitment of addressing the imbalances in the educational sector which were in favour of the minority. The total enrolment of the secondary schools stands at about 1 500 pupils an indication that the secondary schools have no capacity to enroll all pupils who complete their primary education in the constituency. Girls account for 45% of the total enrolment.[1]

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Health Services

There are 3 clinics in the constituency, two of which belong to government and one belongs to council. All the clinics have 3 nurses each. Since there are no doctors at clinics, the people depend on the doctors based at the district hospitals, namely Karanda and Mt Darwin.[1]


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