Mutare Teachers' College is an institution which trains aspiring secondary school teachers which is located in Mutare. The institution has evolved over the years. In 2003, it trained Namibian students. Since then the institution gained recognition outside the parameters of the country.

Establishment and Growth

The institution was established in 1956 as Mutare Teachers Training School.[1] It was initially training aspiring primary school teachers.[1] It however reverted to train secondary school teachers. The institution has so far managed to construct 5 students halls of residence.[2]

Since 2005, the institution has been bedevilled by the shortage of lecturers especially in the Science and Mathematics Departments. Since 2006, the institution has been forced to reduce some of its courses for Science and Mathematics teachers. In 2009, the then principal of the institution Mr Jason Muwandi, lamented that the situation was even getting worse as many lectures were fleeing the country in search of greener pastures.[3]


  1. Business Studies and Technical Subjects
  2. Educational Foundation
  3. Humanities and Languages
  4. Practice of Education
  5. Sciences
  6. Support Departments


  1. Establishment of a peer education programme and support centre for students (2003).
  2. Introduction of new programmes and subjects such as Special Education, Gender Studies, Computer Studies, Ndebele etc, (2003)
  3. Trained Namibian students in Science and Mathematics (2004)
  4. Enrolment of students with disabilities and the establishment of a Disability Centre (2009)
  5. Introduction of e-learning library in (2011)[4]


  1. Information Communication Technology Educator of the Year in Manicaland (2012 and 2013)
  2. Zimbabwe Teachers Colleges Sports Association (ZITCASO) Games winners (2013)


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