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Naison Chimbetu
  • Musician
Years active1970s to 2005

Naison Chmbetu was a singer, songwriter and guitarist who rose to prominence in the 1980s when he was part of the Marxist Brothers. The group, which was composed of his siblings Simon Chimbetu, Allan Chimbetu and Brian Chimbetu became one of the popular outfits at that time. Naison is also credited for writing Simon's all time hits such as Mudzimai Wangu, Kunjere Kunjere and Sekuru Ndipeiwo Zano. He died on 6 March 2005.

Personal life

Naison was married and had five children, Tryson, Elizabeth, Blessy, Wilson and Miriam.[1]

Early Music Career

Born in a musical family, Naison started singing in the late 1970s. He would sing at Dzivaresekwa bar albeit without instruments together with his elder brother Simon. They would perform their own compositions at the aforementioned bar during the weekends after drinking one or two beers. As they sang people would gather around them to cheer them up and in no time the brothers found themselves touring other suburbs such as Mabvuku and Chtungwiza. It was during these routines that one Zimbabwe Music Corporation producer, Chris Matema spotted them after their performance at Dzivrasekwa tarven .[2] During those early days, the duo would sing such songs as Sango Rinoera and Mwana Wedangwe. Since the brothers could not play any instrument, Matemba sent them to ZexieManatsa for lessons. However the latter was busy working on an album thus he could not help. The duo heaved a sigh of relief when at last they joined the OK Success band.

Professional career

After joining the Ok Success as lead vocalists, Naison and Simon went on to record their first single entitled Nherera . The single went platinum and propelled the band to dizzy heights. This is the time when the brothers named themselves Marxist brothers although they were still backed by the OK Success. However their new found fame was quick to die down because some of the band members became jealous and refused to back them. What followed was their ejection from the band. They then joined one of the pioneers of Sungura, the Sungura Boys. It was here that Naison's younger brothers Brian and Allan joined the group. Together they released some of the hottest tracks such as 'Kunjere Kunjere', 'Dendera Resango' and 'Africa'.

Solo career

After a wonderful time as MArxist Brothers, Naison and Simon parted ways. It was reportedly Simon's move from ZMC to Record and Tape Promotion that caused the split. Naison went on to form his own band the Great 7 Commandos but failed to scale the heights reached by the Marxist. In 1990 he suffered a stroke and never fully recovered from it.[3] This affected his being and led to his death in 2005.


Though Naison never won an award, his first born son, Tryson Chimbetu honours him through the a music concert which calls the 'Dr Nero Commemorations'. The latter is held every year in hounour of the contribution made by Naison in the musical circles. The commemorations which started in 2014 had seen big names such as Alick Macheso and all the Chimbetu siblings.[4]


  • Marxist Brothers
    • Mwana Wedangwe (1983)
    • Kunjere Kunjere (1985)
    • Dendera Resango (1985)
    • Sarura Yako (19870
    • Kuipa Chete (1988)
    • Marxist Brothers (1989)
    • Boterekwa (1989)[5]
  • Solo
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