is Zimbabwean Internet domain registrar. The company registers domains in the .zw space. Name is notable for being the first Zimbabwean company to provide automated registration of local domains via the internet in 2013.[1]


Name was founded in 2013 by two Bindura University graduates Rushmore Mushambi and Isaac Maposa. Mushambi had just attained an Accountancy degree and Maposa a Business degree. That year the two say it once took them more than two weeks to register a domain and they resolved then to join ZISPA (the organization that administers the space) and help create a solution to this. Name was born.

With a passion for programming and Internet marketing Mushambi had taught himself web programming while still in high school at Allan Wilson High School. He built the domain registration platform and Maphosa led business side of their new company. In 2014, just a year in, Name registered more domains than the next two registrars in Zimbabwe combined.

Website and Contact

  • Coal House, 1st Floor, Corner Nelson Mandela and Leopold Takawira, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Tel: +263 4 2933 233, +263 774 102 850
  • Website:

Name Founders


  1. L.S.M Kabweza, Startup launches Zimbabwe’s first online local domain registration service, Techzim, Published: 13 September 2013, Retrieved: 25 April 2017