National Assembly

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The National Assembly is one of the organs of the parliament in Zimbabwe. The other being the Senate.

The National Assembly in Zimbabwe consists of 270 MPs. Of these, 210 MPs are elected directly in 210 physical constituencies spread across the country. The remaining 60 is a quota for women who are chosen on the basis of proportional representation based on the number of votes for members of the National Assembly in the 10 provinces. Each province, therefore, has 6 female MPs based on proportional representation.[1]

Qualifications and disqualifications for election to National Assembly

According to the constitution:

  1. A person is qualified for election as a Member of the National Assembly if he or she:
    • is registered as a voter; and
    • is at least twenty-one years of age;
  2. A person is disqualified for election as a Member of the National Assembly i f—
    • he or she is disqualified under the Fourth Schedule for registration as a voter; or
    • within five years before the election, he or she vacated a seat in the Senate or the National Assembly in terms of section 129(1)(i) through having been convicted of an offence.
  3. A person is disqualified for election at a by-election in the National Assembly if he or she is a Member of Parliament.


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