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The National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe is an association whose mandate is the administration of athletics in Zimbabwe.


The stated objectives of the National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe are:

  1. To manage, control and improve Athletics in the country.
  2. To grant permission to Affiliated Boards, or, on the application of an Affiliated Board, to any Club or Clubs or other sports promoting bodies, to hold Athletics meetings under permit from "The Association" provided that such permission shall only be granted for and in respect of meetings which conform to all the Rules and requirements of "The Association" and the "international Amateur Athletic Federation.
  3. To ensure uniformity of rules for the control of Athletics and the management of all athletic Competitions in the country and generally to enforce observance thereof.
  4. To enforce the observance of the Constitution and Rules governing Championships and Competitions held under the rules of "The Association" and to deal with any infringements thereof.
  5. To appoint, and at its discretion, remove, or suspend, such officials or members of the Executive Committee or of "The Association", as may from time be considered necessary.
  6. To encourage the establishment through the medium of Affiliated Board of Clubs or other Associations, having as thier object, the participation in and improvement of Athletics in the area where they are situated.
  7. To arrange for the selection of competitors to represent the country elsewhere and to grand permission to athletes and clubs under the jurisdiction of "The Association" to complete at Athletics meetings outside the country.
  8. To do all that may be deemed necessary or desirable in the interests of, and the advancement, control, regulation and good government of Athletics according to the Rules of the International Amateur Athletic Federation and the Competition and General Rules of "The Association".


52 - 53 Third Street, Gweru
Phone: +263-054 -231 342