National Railways Of Zimbabwe NRZ
Service Provider
HeadquartersBulawayo, Bulawayo
ProductsRail Transport, Cargo Services
Number of employees
7000+ as of 2008

National Railways Of Zimbabwe (NRZ) is a state-owned enterprise that services rail passengers and provides cargo services.


Before it became NRZ the company was called Rhodesia Railways. Rhodesia Railways serviced Zimbabwe and Zambia and it had been established in the colonial era. When Zambia gained its independence Rhodesia surrendered part of its railway to Zambia and remained with the parts that only covered Zimbabwe.

Most of the railroad servicing the country right now was constructed in the colonial era. (see plan).

Rhodesia Railways rail plan.

NRZ Operations

NRZ has a total of 4,225 km which service most parts of the country. NRZ has a good transit function that joins Zimbabwe and Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa. The Stretch of rail from Harare to Gweru had been electrified but it was vandalised and most of the copper was stolen making the electrical system dysfunctional.

NRZ Crisis

The economic meltdown ravaging Zimbabwe has not spared the parastatal as it had been left fighting a mountain of problems which include but are not limited to:

  • Neglect of maintenance
  • Lacking spare parts
  • Overdue replacement of equipment

These challenges have led to a situation where only part of the railway net is in good condition and equipment problems have led to reduced service. However, since 2018, the parastatal's resuscitation efforts are beginning to come to fruition as the parastatal has resumed some of its services and started plying some of its routes.

In 2019 it was reported that NRZ will be used to bring 100k of maize from Tanzania to feed the nation because of the drought that was experienced in part of the country [1]

Recapitalisation Efforts

Recapitalisation efforts have been underway at NRZ, in April 2019, the Government of Zimbabwe approved the Framework to Recapitalise the National Railways of Zimbabwe at a cost of more than US$400 million after the NRZ engaged chartered accountancy firm, Deloitte and Touche as its Transaction Advisor to assist in raising money to recapitalise its operations.[2]

After the pre-bid conference, a voluntary due diligence inspection of NRZ assets was organised for interested investors from 6 to 9 June. Over 10 companies took up the offer and spent four days visiting NRZ facilities.[3]

The potential investors visited NRZ installations in Bulawayo, Sawmills, Dete and Gweru to understand more about the organisation’s operations before submitting their tender documents.

NRZ Major Stations

Victoria Falls Thomson Junction Hwange Dete Bulawayo Bulawayo Somabhula Mbizi Chiredzi Sango Chicualacuala Gweru Masvingo Kwekwe Kadoma Chegutu Harare Marondera Macheke Rusape Nyazura Mutare Harare Shamva Maryland, Zimbabwe Kildonan Zawi


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