National University of Science and Technology


National University of Science and Technology is a state owned tertiary institution located in Zimbabwe's second largest city Bulawayo in the Matabeleland province. The University is administered by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education. It was the second university to be established in 1991 after the University of Zimbabwe.[1] The current Vice Chancellor is former University of Cape Associate Professor, Professor Mqhele Dlodlo.

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Location / Contact

(November 2021)
Address: National University of Science & Technology, PO Box AC 939, Ascot, Bulawayo.
Telephone: Tel: +263 292 282842, Fax: +263 292 286803.

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The University was established in 1991. The idea for establishing a second University in the country was always there since independence.[2] It was not until the late 1980s when a committee was put in place to make the ground work for its establishment. Bulawayo was chosen as the ideal place due to its status as the second largest city in the Zimbabwe.[1]

In 1991, the new university opened its doors with 270 students and 28 academic staff. By 2007, the academic staff complement had risen to 182, with 82 percent of them holding qualifications at masters level, and the remainder with doctorates.[1] The late Professor Phineas Makhurane was the founding Vice Chancellor of the institution before he was replaced by the late Professor Lindela Ndlovu in 2005. After the death of Professor Ndlovu, the Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Samson Sibanda took over the post on an acting basis until a substantive Vice Chancellor was appointed.


The National University of Science and Technology has a special bias in the fields of sciences and technology.[1] It offers extensive science based degree programs, diplomas and certificates on both full time and on part times basis.


  1. Applied Sciences
  2. Built Environment
  3. Commerce
  4. Communication and Information Science
  5. Institute of Development Studies
  6. Industrial Technology
  7. Medicine[2]


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