News:Breaking News: RBZ Announces Date Of Bond Notes Release

<vote /> The Reserve Bank Governor, John Mangudya today (Thursday 15 September 2016) announced while delivering his 2016 Monetary Policy Statement that the long spoken about Bond Notes will start circulating at the end of October 2016.

While delivering his policy, he mentioned that there will be a total of $75 million in circulation by the end of the year, that would hopefully the cash crisis that Zimbabweans have been experiencing from as early as April 2016.

Presenting his mid-term monetary policy statement in Harare, Governor Mangudya stated that $2 and $5 notes will be first to enter the market, with the $10 and $20 notes to follow.

The market has been in speculation from early May 2016 when the Governor then announced the imminent introduction of the token currency, that at the times was posed as a means of easing the biting cash crisis, along of with a host of other measures including reducing the bank cash withdrawal limits from US$10,000 to $1,000 though the banks has struggled to meet this figure and have been issuing the banking public as little as $50 per day.

A number of Zimbabweans have been against the introduction of Bond Notes, with citizens holding a march to hand over a petition to the Minister of Finance and former Vice President Joice Mujuru recently likening them to tissue paper

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