News:British Envoy Claims Herald Fabricated Assault Story. To Lodge Complaint

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British Ambassador Mrs Catriona Laing alleges the story published by the government owned Herald that her aides allegedly assaulted a Kariba-based freelance journalist is fabricated.

The Herald of 22 July 2016 reports that Liang's visit to Kariba ended abruptly on Wednesday morning after her aides allegedly assaulted a Kariba-based freelance journalist. The paper further reports that journalist Edmore Mbonda was ordered him to leave the ambassador's hotel despite protestations that he had been cleared for an interview by one of the aides. They go on to report that one of the ambassador's aides manhandled him and pushed him away before the other one kicked him on his right leg causing him to fall. Mbonda says that he started running for his dear life after realising that they could inflict more harm. It is reported that he later returned to the hotel and was told that they had checked out.

Liang responded to a tweet by Zanu-PF party member and Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo and claimed that the story was fabricated. She also mentioned that she was going to lodge a complaint with the editor of the paper seeking legal counsel on the issue.

Ambassador Liang's Reply

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