News:Government Issues Statutory Instrument To Govern Schools. Makes Sleeping On Duty, Striking, Refusing To Work Overtime Dismissible Offences

<vote /> Government has gazetted statutory Instrument 72 of 2016 governing the running of Government and council schools with viewing pornographic material, refusing to work overtime and sleeping on duty dismissible offences.

It also spells the duties and obligations of the School Development Associations or Committees.

These include among other things to be familiar with the code and to observe it all the times, issue guidelines on grievance and disciplinary processes and to ensure timeous implementation of agreements.

The Statutory Instrument lists as serious offences misuse of school property, smoking in prohibited places, doing private business during working hours, incompetence, neglect of duty, absenteeism, among other things.

It spells out dismissible acts of misconduct as embezzlement, fraud, sexual harassment, assault, damaging school property, theft and refusing to work overtime. On sleeping on duty the Statutory Instrument reads,

It is a misconduct if an employee sleeps on duty instead of performing his or her duties. An employee has a duty to be awake throughout the period of his or her shift and therefore he or she neglects that duty if he or she falls asleep. Sleeping on duty is aggravated if the job involves security or operating machines and the injury or damage caused cost more than $501,00.

On overtime the Statutory Instrument reads

An employee commits misconduct if he or she refuses to work overtime or perform standby duties when one is given adequate notice by a person in authority.

Illegal job action is also cited as a dismissible offence as well as incitement to strike.

Read More: The Herald

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