News:Kasukuwere Insults Herald Reporter After Being Asked About Govt's Plan To Rename Pennefather Avenue

<vote /> The Herald reports that Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere insulted one of its reporters when they asked the minister on Government's plans to rename Pennefather Avenue and name it after one of the country’s national heroes.

Kasukuwere is alleged to have said,

What is it that you want? Why can’t you concentrate on writing your s*** there? Is that an issue that you can ask me? If we change that name, whose name do you want us to put on that road?

His attitude maybe a result of the stories that had been appearing in The Herald and The Sunday Mail recently, where he was implicated in the stands scandal in Harare’s Chishawasha B area.

Government will soon consider changing the name of the road that stretches from Zanu-PF Headquarters to Rainbow Towers Hotel from Pennefather Avenue and name it after one of the country’s national heroes, Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo, has said. The road is named after Lieutenant Colonel Pennefather, who led the Pioneer Column to invade Zimbabwe.

Yesterday marked 126 years after Lt Col Pennefather led the Pioneer Column into Zimbabwe. Dr Chombo said although he does not chair the committee responsible for changing road names, he would push for that.

Chombo said,

While I do not chair committees that change names, I can influence that it can be done and we change the name and gazette it. It is one of the Vice Presidents who chairs that committee. It passes through us (Zanu-PF headquarters). It is just a short road — about 300 metres. We can get a hero to be named after that road and not a white man.

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