News:Lawyer confirms graphic images circulating on social media showing tortured protesters are real

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Human rights lawyer Harrison Nkomo yesterday confirmed that the pictures doing the rounds on social media are authentic and were taken inside the courtroom as evidence that his clients had been brutalised. The victims claimed they were tortured in police custody following their arrest in Glen View on Saturday. The protesters, who included Glen View North MP Fani Munengami (MDC-T), had participated in demonstrations organised by the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera).

Nkomo said,

Yes, the pictures are very authentic. They were taken in the courtroom yesterday (Monday). They were tortured while in police custody on Saturday. They were beaten with rubber truncheons by the Police Support Unit. The six protesters arrested in Glen View were severely beaten. They claim that they were shoved into a police truck where officers took turns to assault them as and when they felt like as the truck patrolled Harare.

Nkomo said three female protesters were badly assaulted along with Munengami and 13 others and they were denied medical attention. Munengami said he sustained swollen feet and back, while other protesters went through the whole court session lying on their bellies, as they could not sit up straight. The suspects were yesterday granted $400 bail coupled with stringent reporting conditions.

Nkomo said his clients managed to identify one of their assailants, Detective Assistant Inspector Mutsekwa from Waterfalls Police Station, who was at Mbare Magistrates’ Court as a State witness.

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