News:Mawarire Invited To Speak At A Symposium In Washington DC, USA

<vote /> Pastor Evan Mawarire and coordinator of This Flag Movement, will address Zimbabwe’s socio-economic and political crises at a symposium in Washington, DC on August 17.

Mawarire was invited by the Atlantic Council think-tank to “discuss the significance of the campaign and next steps toward securing a peaceful and prosperous future” for Zimbabwe.

Mawarire has been based in South Africa for the past two weeks or so following his release from jail after a magistrate dismissed treason charges against him. Even though Mawarire has expressed concerns over his safety in Zimbabwe; he has vowed to return. Mawarire's departure comes at a time when Zanu-PF members such as Psychology Maziwisa are speculating that he will be seeking asylum in the United States who have been fingered as one of his sponsors.

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