News:Mnangagwa demands $27 000 compensation for damaged tractor

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Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is demanding $27 000 compensation from Kwekwe miner, Robert Chipwanyira,whose car crashed into Mnangagwa's tractor in Sherwood Block, Kwekwe, in 2014.

Mnangagwa, through his Sherwood Farm owned by Pricabe Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, claims Chipwanyira’s car, which was being driven by Dzingai Masunda, caused extensive damage to his John Deere tractor in a head-on collision that occurred in May 2014.

The collision allegedly cost Mnangagwa’s farm $27 000 after the tractor was allegedly extensively damaged. Chipwanyira, through his lawyer, Nomore Hlabano, said Mnangangwa’s tractor sustained minor damage worth much less than the $27 000 the Vice President was demanding.

The matter was referred to trial following a pre-trial conference held before Justice Martin Makonese on July 6.

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