News:Moyo Comments On Individuals Buying Degrees. Warns Unregistered Colleges And Higher Learning Institutions

<vote /> Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, has warned that government will soon clamp down on unscrupulous institutions offering dubious degrees and corrupt individuals who have been buying or receiving the qualifications.

Moyo made remarks while officiating a graduation ceremony at Mutare Polytechnic College last Friday. He said,

The entities in question are neither registered nor accredited to award any degrees or to offer any academic programmes. The individuals who have been getting these dubious degrees from dubious organisations have no academic or any other rational basis to get the degree besides that they have been able to buy them. The ministry has witnessed with utter dismay a growing trend of some philanthropic organisations awarding PhDs and the recipients of those dubious PhDs going around calling themselves Drs so and so.

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