News:Mugabe Denies Zanu-PF Is Giving Food Aid To Its Supporters Only

<vote /> President Mugabe yesterday labelled the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission report that Government officials were distributing food on a partisan basis as falsehoods.

Addressing the Zanu-PF Central Committee in Harare, Mugabe said,

And the information which some stupid people and stupid spokesman of, is it human rights that comes out to say grain is distributed along party lines is completely false, absolutely false! If grain is going to party people and only to them, how are the others surviving there? Kungoda kuita maheadlines chete internationally and havanyare vanhu vanotaura nhema dzakadaro. Nditwo twumari twavanopihwa. Shame! I am sure we all must salute ourselves on the work we are doing in this disregard. Our Labour Minister will explain to us the processes and position. But for now, we still are faced with the drought and hunger in a number of places and so we continue to distribute grain to all areas worst affected by drought to ensure that no one starves.

The ZHRC's conclusion was reached after investigations they had carried out in Bikita East, Buhera North, Mazowe Central and Muzarabani North and South as well as Zvimba South.

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