News:Mugabe Urges Zanu-PF Youth To Use Social Media To Defend The Party

<vote /> President Mugabe has challenged Zanu-PF youths to use information communication technologies to defend and promote the ruling party as well as for the development of the country.

Addressing Zanu-PF Youth League National Assembly at the ruling party headquarters in Harare on Saturday, Mugabe said,

In promoting the party, our youths should use social media to defend the party and promote the party and develop Zimbabwe through ICTs. You all have a role to play in promoting our production and ZimAsset Brand Zimbabwe. Brand Zimbabwe, the image of Zimbabwe, a Zimbabwe that is s democratic, hardworking and peaceful. That’s the image, the Brand of Zimbabwe you should project outside. And also to defend it from its detractors. Our youths should learn from the youths in China, Cuba and Russia that economic success stories have resulted from proper and constructive use of ICT.

He also urged party cadres to unite the party as well as steering away from factional tendencies,

So twuma factions zviya zvandanga ndichitaura, keep away from it. I’m pleased that the Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology has begun its lectures that will equip our youths with ideas, that will make them understand the history of the party and its ideology. When ideology is instilled into our minds tinenge tavakufamba tirimunzira yomusangano and that is what we want to see. And also, huori, corruption, tinenge takusiya, tokanda pasi. Then, of course, there will be that understanding in regard to the respect that is accorded to seniors, even amongst yourselves, seniors to you who are within the party and even seniors outside the party.

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