News:Zesa to pay woman $51 000 after losing arm to live low hanging wires

<vote /> Zesa must pay $51 000 thousand to Ms Nyasha Koroka after she lost her arm to live low hanging loose wires. The woman came into contact with the low hanging high voltage loose wire while crossing a Zesa line in Banket six years ago. She was severely injured and her arm had top be amputated. Zesa subsidiary, Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company accepted it's liability but opposed the amount claimed by Koroka.

She wanted $7 000 for pain and suffering, $15 000 for loss of amenities for life and disfigurement, $11 910 for future medical expenses and $20 000 for loss of future and past earnings. The High Court gave her almost everything she asked for, fixing compensation at $51 000 plus interest.

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