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Known forRadio DJ at Star FM

Nikki (full name Nicola Dora) is a journalist, radio presenter and professional MC. She is currently employed by Star FM where she hosts The Breakfast Club show which she co-hosts with ET (Emphraim Tagu).


Star FM

Nikki got into radio after she saw an advert in a Sunday newspaper and decided to audition for the job at Star FM.

“I saw an article in a newspaper at church advertising for the auditions. I went for the auditions which had more than 1 500 people. At that time my daughter who is five now, was two years old. I went with her. I remember asking KVG (Kudzai Violet Guwara) who by then was a total stranger to me, to hold my baby while it was my turn to go for my auditions. Surprisingly I got in. I got the job that day,” [1]



  • Nikki is part of her church's praise and worship team, which she has said she takes very seriously.
  • Nikki is married and has a daughter


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