Nimrod Taguta Momberume
Mutumwa Nimrod Taguta Momberume Biography
ChurchJohane Marange Apostolic Sect
In officeMay 2022
PredecessorNoah Taguta
Personal details
Birth nameNimrod Brian Taguta Momberume

Mutumwa Nimrod Taguta is the leader of Johane Marange Apostolic Church. Nimrod was ordained Johane Marange Apostolic Church High Priest after the death of his father Noah Taguta.


His father had 25 wives. Nimrod Taguta has 124 siblings.[1]

He is the grandson of Arnold Momberume who was an elder brother to the founder of the Johane Marange Apostolic Church, Johane Momberume.[2]

Ordainment As Johane Marange Apostolic Church High Priest

According to family spokesperson Phillip Taguta, Nimrod was chosen and anointed by Mutumwa Noah Taguta, while he was still alive. Phillip Taguta is quoted by The Manica Post as having said:

"Nimrod is one of the late Mutumwa Taguta’s sons. The process of choosing the successor takes time and it started long back, well before our late father fell ill. Nimrod would always accompany our father on the various missions they embarked on in and outside the country. All congregants have accepted the new leader and everyone is following the dictates of the spirit. Rebellious members will be excommunicated just like what happened to Clements Momberume who rebelled when our late father was ordained."


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