Nomination Fees, 2023

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See Elections 2023. And comments by many presidential participants.
The debate centres on the cost, and whether it is fair and democratic, or necessary to limit the field to 'serious' candidates.
It strips away all possibility for participation by potential election contestants who may not have the required resources… The Constitution of Zimbabwe is clear that the state should ensure that its citizens’ political rights are protected and these include running for political office, when running for political office becomes a preserve of the rich, we are no longer guaranteeing the political rights of citizens.

  • Presidential candidates - US$20 000
  • National Assembly candidates - US$1 000 each.
  • Senatorial candidates, women’s quota candidates, youth quota candidates and provincial council candidates - US$200. [1]


Court: In August 2022, Egypt Dzinemunhenzva, Allan Markham (MDC Alliance MP) and former student activist, Tapiwanashe Chiriga petitioned the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to reduce nomination fees announced through Statutory Instrument 144 of 2022. [2]

  • From Veritas, Election Watch 15-2023 - The Constitutional Court Order on Nomination Fees

File:Election Watch 15-2023 - The Constitutional Court Order on Nomination Fees 0.pdf

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