Nyamingura Power Station (Pvt) Ltd

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Nyamingura Power Station was the first scheme PGI built. It is a 1.1MW project utilising water from the Nyamingura and Madengwe rivers.

Location/ Contact

Nyamingura river (tributary of the Pungwe river), Honde Valley, Manica Province.

Current structure


The Nyamingura river flows south off Mt Nyangani and through the Eastern Highlands Tea Estate before joining the Pungwe River. It is in the area of highest rainfall on the massif. The scheme has a 117 metre head. The steel penstock is 1000mm in diameter which gives a maximum flow of 1000 litres per second. The generator delivers 1.1MW at full output. The electricity is despatched through an 11KV line which is stepped up to 33KV and fed into the national grid. Design annual output is 3 854MWh per year.


PGI own several power generation companies, including Nyamingura Power Station (Pvt) Ltd. All plants are managed by Nyangani Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd


The station was commissioned in December 2010.
The 2018 output was 5 555MWh

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