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Oncocare Zimbabwe is a health facility in Harare established to Provide high quality, comprehensive cancer care, through a fully integrated, multidisciplinary and cost-effective oncology delivery system. The facility aims to reduce incidence, morbidity and mortality of Cancer and achieve excellence in research, education and community outreach.


Radiation Therapy[edit]

At Oncocare Medical Specialists use radiation to eradicate cancer cells, reduce their growth or relieve symptoms of cancer.

Medical Oncology (Chemotherapy)[edit]

The Oncocare Chemotherapy Centre uses ‘drug treatment’ to cure cancer or relieve any symptoms that cancer can cause.

Cancer Laboratory[edit]

Our goal is to provide world-class scientists at Oncocare that will help them in their ambitious quest to develop novel therapeutic approaches to cancer.

Oncology Pharmacy[edit]

With Specialised Oncology pharmacists, we work together with your oncologists, and other health care providers to ensure safe medication use.