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Ozias Bvute
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Ozias Bvute is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur and non-executive board member of Metropolitan Bank and board chairman of the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ). He also served at various capacities at Zimbabwe Cricket. He was elected Member of Parliament for Goromonzi North in the July 2018 elections.


Ozias Bvute holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree specialising in Banking & Finance from University of Puna, India[1]


In 2001, Bvute was appointed to the then Zimbabwe Cricket Union as head of the Integration Implementation Committee, putting him in charge of the union's integration policy relating to the advancement of black players.[2] He became the head of marketing at Zimbabwe Cricket before he resigned. He is a non executive director at Metbank.


Contested in the 2018 elections as a member of the ZANU PF and he won becoming Member of Parliament for Goromonzi North

Scandals and Controversies

Closure of SME Bank in Namibia

Bvute was a board member of the Namibian, SME Bank, when it was taken over by the Bank of Namibia in March 2017 after the central bank unearthed information citing 'risky investments' the SME bank had made in South Africa. The CEO of the bank was Tawanda Mumvuma. Enoch Kamushinda was a fellow board member.[3] The incident in March 2017 was not the first time the bank had been found to be in violation of corporate governance. In October 2014, the bank was considered to be "in shambles with mounting losses, no audited financial statements and fuzzy ownership by the supposed technical partners, who spearheaded its establishment."[4]

$6 Million Scandal

While still at Zimbabwe Cricket Bvute was accused with Wilson Manase and Paul Chingoma of having mismanaged $ 6 million US dollars which had been given to Zimbabwe Cricket by the International Cricket Council, by investing it in a bank on whose board they sat. The money was said to have been part of a usd 9 million loan meant to service the debt Zim cricket had with various local banks. It is said that one of the key conditions attached to the loan stipulated that Zim Cricket would use the funds to pay off its existing debt but Manase, Peter Chingoka and Ozias Bvute went on to invest $6 million in a non-interest bearing account at Metbank.[5]

Time At Zimbabwe Cricket

Bvute tried to get Andy Flower dropped after he had also donned a black armband, a move which was thwarted when several leading players threatened to refuse to play. A few days later he kicked Henry Olonga off the team bus and ordered him to stop wearing Zimbabwe cricket kit.

In April 2004, Bvute announced that Dion Ebrahim, of Asian descent and classified black for selection purposes, would be reclassified as white, thus limiting places in national teams to four white players. Heath Streak objected, and Bvute demanded that Chingoka sack him.

In the same month, he was involved in a public scuffle with Steve Mangongo, the chairman of selectors. Witnesses say that Mangongo was arguing that he had to have the freedom to pick the best side, white or black, while Bvute told him that he had to "pick who he was told to pick". Mangongo, stood down four months later, and was replaced by Bvute's close ally, Max Ebrahim.

When Pommie Mbangwa, a former Zimbabwe international turned commentator, dared to criticise the team Zimbabwe had fielded, Bvute stormed into the media box and told him that he was sacked. He later relented. And when Zimbabwe were humiliatingly bowled out for 35, Bvute reportedly turned on the groundsman and blamed him for preparing a pitch designed to embarrass the Zimbabwe side.[2]

Crowhill Farm Saga

Bvute assumed ownership of Crowhill Farm in 2015 after securing a consent order with the developer, Cephas Msipa Jnr son to Cephas Msipa, who had been selling residential stands since 2007.

After securing the order issued by High Court judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu, the Crowhill farm owner ordered residents to stop all construction work and pay $300 to register with him. He was arguing that the title deeds residents got from Msipa had been obtained fraudulently. This would be followed by revaluing of stands so that residents would pay the difference. The residents approached Tazorora Takunda Goto Musarurwa of Mambosasa Legal Practitioners to challenge Bvute’s orders, giving him 10 days to file a notice of opposition.[6]

Failure To Pay For Equipment

In August 2021, Bvute was ordered by the High Court to pay a US$129 500 debt he owed to an equipment dealer, Robvel Investments, within 48 hours.

The debt was for equipment supplied to his company, Tech Earth Mining in 2018. According to court papers submitted by Robvel Investments, Bvute never paid a cent for the equipment which, upon delivery at his Goromonzi farm, was worth US$266 000 before the company repossessed some of it.

Robvel Investments said despite numerous promises to honour the deal, Tech Earth Mining, fronted by Bvute's longtime ally Gift Mudadi, continued to use the equipment in its quarry mining business without paying for it.

High Court Judge Justice Webster Chinamora ordered Tech Earth Mining to return all remaining equipment or pay the balance of US$129 500 and full costs of the lawsuit. Bvute's company was also ordered by the High Court to pay 2% interest on the equipment’s price backdated to December 2019.[7]


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