Paul Chidyausiku

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Paul Chidyausiku was a Zimbabwean writer who wrote the first Shona play Ndakambokuyambira to be published in 1968. At the time it was published, the play was his fifth book. He was also a journalist and worked for Moto Magazine as an editor.


He was born in 1927 in Chinamora, Domboshava near Harare. He is a grandson of Chief Chinamora (paternal) and Chief Chiweshe (maternal). He is the brother of Godfrey Chidyausiku. [1]


Chidyausiku went to an Agricultural College and taught Agriculture for many years before he went back to school to train as a journalist at the London School of Journalism in England.


He worked for Mambo Press as an Editor for Moto Magazine. chidyausiku moved on to the Literature Bureau as an Editorial Officer. He next moved on to the Ministry of Information as Assistant Director, Branch of Foreign Services. He was later invited to join Zimbabwe Newspapers to pioneer a newspaper in Shona called ‘Kwayedza’. He was one of the first few Shona writers to be published in Zimbabwe in the 1950s. He has had nine books published in Shona – one of which is a collection of Shona poems which won him an award, and one in English – Broken Roots. Some of his poems in English were included in anthologies like Voices from Africa published in England, A Century Of Poetry In Southern Africa, an anthology in Australia, one in Namibia and two in Zimbabwe.


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