Paul Mangwana

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Paul Mangwana
Paul Mangwana.jpg
Paul Mangwana
Personal details
Born(1961-08-10)10 August 1961
Political partyZanu-PF
RelationsNick Mangwana (brother)
OccupationConstitutional expert
ProfessionLawyer, Politician

Paul Mangwana is a Zimbabwean politician and lawyer. Mangwana is a member of Zanu-PF and the party's Secretary for legal affairs. He is a member of the party's central committee. Mangwana was a co-chair of the Constitution Select Committee charged with the drawing up a new constitution for Zimbabwe by the Government of National Unity between 2009 and 2013, COPAC.

Political Career

Member of Parliament

In the 2000 Elections, (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections) Kadoma East returned to Parliament:

In 2008, Mangwana was nominated by his party as candidate for the House of Assembly seat from Chivi Central constituency, in Masvingo Province, in the March 2008 parliamentary election. [1] He won the seat with 8 228 votes, defeating Henry Chivhanga of the MDC-T, who received 6 471 votes, and Tinashe Mufudzi, an independent who received 452 votes. [2]


After the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Bill, which provided for Zimbabweans to hold a majority share in some businesses, was passed in March 2008, Mangwana said that the law did not mean expropriation would take place and that there was "no reason to panic". He noted that existing businesses would "need time to adjust" and said that "engagement and consultation" would take place within a timeframe of perhaps five or ten years. Defending the law, he said that "the revolution is not complete until indigenous Zimbabweans own the means of production".[3]

Making of New Constitution

In April 2009, Mangwana was appointed to represent Zanu-PF as co-chair of the Parliamentary Select Committee that steered the making of Zimbabwe's new constitution. The other parties were represented by Douglas Mwonzora of the MDC-T and Edward Mkhosi of MDC.

In a 2014 BBC produced a documentary of the constitution making process called Democrats


LSZ Conviction

Mangwana was convicted on unproffesional conduct by the Law Society of Zimbabwe after he allegedly engaged “tracers” to identify indebted Chitungwiza residents’ properties, with a view to have them attached over non-payment of council debts.This is belived to have happened in 2015. LSZ general secretary Wilbert Mandinde wrote to Mangwana in a letter dated July 24, 2017.

“Council noted that the notice from your firm (Mangwana and Partners, to the ratepayers) cannot be read with eyes shut. The letter speaks for itself no matter what you would want council to believe. Council further noted that it is unethical for a legal practitioner to assume an investigative role and go about searching and identifying people’s valuables. A legal practitioner cannot act in such a barbaric and streetwise manner,”

You are required to file your submissions in mitigation pending sentence (if any) within 14 days of this letter, failure of which Council will deliberate on sentence without further notice to you.

“You extorted and intimidated members of the public through a letter that was based on falsehoods. You threatened attachment of identified property fully aware that there were no judgments to that effect. You authorised your name and the name of your law firm to be used to illegally search people, thus, violating people’s privacy.”

However Mangwana approached the High Court seeking review of the LSZ decision, arguing the legal practitioners’ body findings were not acceptable.He had this to say:

The decision sought to be reviewed is contained in a letter communicated by respondent (LSZ) to applicant (Mangwana) dated July 24, 2017 . . . wherein it found applicant guilty of certain charges of professional misconduct and required applicant to mitigate in lieu thereof. Applicant did not plead in mitigation thereto citing irregularities as reflected below,” Mangwana said.

“. . . I responded to the matter in my letter dated June 22, 2015, indicating that my firm had engaged tracers to ascertain if the debtors had attachable property. This was a misuse of the term tracers when what I meant was that the engaged persons were under the firm’s direct supervision and instructed to check by way of visual inspection whether or not there was attachable property when they delivered letters of demand and other follow-up documents generated from my firm.”[4]

Farm Mechanisation Scheme

In July 2020, Paul Munyaradzi Mangwana was listed, in the BSR of 18 July 2020, as a beneficiary in the 2007 RBZ Farm Mechanisation Scheme, as a result of the Fast Track Land Reform Programme.

The data is analysed by recipients origin:.

  • Mashonaland provinces had the most beneficiaries, both in terms of numbers and value.

Mashonaland East got US$47,5 million,
Mashonaland West US$44,7 million
Mashonaland Central had US$34,2 million.

  • Two Matebeleland provinces had a combined total of US$13,9 million.
  • Masvingo US$26,4 million,
  • Manicaland US$18 million
  • Midlands US$14 million.

Paul Munyaradzi Mangwana is listed under the thematic group “Politicians”. According to the list, he got a loan of US$58,956.00 which has not been paid back [5]

154k Debt

Mangwana was reportdly dragged to court by Zimbabwe Farmers Development Company (Z.F.D.C) after he was reported to have failed to pay annual instalments of the $81 000 one tonne dumper truck.The purchase was done around 2007 on credit and Mangwana was accused of breaching the terms of the sale agreement which included paying the last dollar after five years of purchase and not possessing the truck untill full payment was done.

Faction Allegations

In a provincial meeting to assess progress in the preparation for the December 2016 Zanu PF annual conference Mangwana who is seen as a Manangagwa loyalist got into a heated argument and confrontation with provincial secretary for commissariat Jeppy Jaboon believed to be a G40 member. Mangwana is said to have accused Amanasi Nhenjana of promoting factionalism among the war veterans by opening an office for war veterans who are aligned to Manicaland Minister of State Mandi Chimene and the G40. However Jarboon was reported to have told Mangwana off and not try to intimidate anyone.[4]

Alleged Death Plot

Mangwanwa revealed that fellow Zanu-PF members had plotted to assasinate him to derail the constitution making process. The plot was allegedly made after senoir members of Zanu-PF accused COPAC of attempting to smuggle in a clause into the constitution that would prevent Robert Mugabe to contest in any election again.

Me and the project had to be destroyed … basically they wanted it to be an accident. They sent word out to the team that atengesa (he has sold out) then the team said let’s destroy him and the project So when I visited the general and put my cards on the table … he grouped all the people who were involved in the plot; it was a powerful team. Those who are in the know in my own party are saying we do not know how you survived.[6]

Ties to the lacoste faction

Paul Mangwana was accused of having ties to Emmerson Mnangagwa's lacoste faction in Masvingo province.After the Sacking of Emmerson Mnangagwa from Government and Zanu Pf ,Mangwana's political future became bleak as he also faced expulsion from the party on allegations of fanning factionalism and undermining the authority of the President


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