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This detailed screencast walks through how to use RefToolbar (5 mins.)

RefToolbar refers to a series of JavaScript/jQuery scripts that help editors add citation templates to articles. It works in conjunction with the MediaWiki extension WikiEditor. The Reftoolbar implementation is scattered across several scripts (see, for example, this, this or this prefix search). The newest version, RefToolbar 2.0 is turned on by default for new users.

Originally an opt-in Wikipedia Gadget, Reftoolbar was moved to a site-wide script on February 25, 2011, and to an opt-out gadget on April 2014.[1][2] It comes in two versions, depending on the settings at Preferences → Editing → Editor.


The default for all users, logged in or not, is refToolbar 2.0.

Click on the version number for more information about each refToolbar implementation.

Enable enhanced... RefToolbar
RefToolbar style Script
Off RefToolbar 1.0 400px
Cite icon on right
On RefToolbar 2.0 50%
Cite menu item on right

Table headings are abbreviations of the names seen at Preferences → Editing:

  • Enable enhanced... will say Enable the editing toolbar.

The RefToolbar style column indicates the widget that activates the cite mechanism.

Before 2017, there were three versions of Refoolbar: 1.0, 2.0a and 2.0b. Version 2.0a was removed on June 14, 2017, since it was no longer needed.

Visual editor

If your toolbar looks like this:

Then you are using the rich-text visual editor. It also has a Cite button, with an auto-filling citoid service, but that one is NOT RefToolbar. If you want to learn how to use that Cite menu, please refer to the Visual Editor user guide.

Related scripts

You can also do a "subpages with prefix searches" to find other related pages, in particular MediaWiki and Wikipedia namespace searches are useful.

Call graph

<imagemap> File:Wikipedia reftoolbar dependency graph.svg|Reftoolbar dependency graph|750px

rect 583 5 704 61 MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition rect 417 109 599 164 MediaWiki:Gadget-refToolbar.js rect 137 212 315 268 MediaWiki:Gadget-refToolbarBase.js rect 340 212 474 268 MediaWiki:RefToolbar.js rect 498 212 725 268 MediaWiki:RefToolbarNoDialogs.js rect 749 213 944 268 MediaWiki:RefToolbarLegacy.js rect 4 316 257 373 MediaWiki:RefToolbarMessages-en.js rect 282 317 531 372 MediaWiki:RefToolbarMessages-de.js rect 171 422 365 477 MediaWiki:RefToolbarConfig.js rect 558 318 780 373 toollabs:reftoolbar/lookup.php rect 555 432 788 488 toollabs:reftoolbar/crossref.php

desc none </imagemap>

This image file is found at commons:File:Wikipedia reftoolbar dependency graph.svg.

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