The Police, Kombi wars

The Police, Kombi wars is an ongoing battle between the Zimbabwe Republic Police and commuter omnibus vehicles which are not road worthy. However, the operation turned out to be an alleged bribe seeking gimmick from some of the police members as they only demand spot fines without even inspecting the vehicle. The operation which intensified in early 2013 had been blamed for causing the death of innocent lives when kombi drivers seek to flea from the too much demanding police. Matters got worse in 2014, when one kombi driver ran over a three year boy fleeing the police.


These wars have led to the the loss of many innocent lives.

  • Driving while being handcuffed

The Police alleged caused a dreadful accident in Rotten Row in March 2013 when they alleged forced a kombi driver whom they had been allegedly handcuffed to drive while handcuffed. He is said to have failed to negotiate the gears and keep control of the vehicle thereby coming into a crash with other vehicles. A number of vehicles were inevitably damaged in the process.[1] The Police alleged wanted to punish the driver for some traffic offenses.

  • Three Year Old

Emotions multiplied while tempers flared in May 2014, when one Kombi driver, Lloyd Kusotera ran over Neil Tanatswa Mutyora. Residents and relatives castigated the police were for being tough on commuter omnibus operators by alleged demanding bribes which makes them flee whenever they see police officers in the discharge of their duties.[2] Both Kusotera and the police officersfled the scene as angry members of the public wanted to institute instant justice on them.The accident occurred at the corner of Chinhoyi Street and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue in the Central Business Dstrict. Kusotera was sentenced to an effective two years in May 2014. However, the victim's mother said said the two-year-sentence was harsh. she went on to say the Mutyora family would approach the courts soon and ask for a new trial.[3]


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