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Poptain Picture Frame.jpg
BornAmeen Abduljaleel Matanga
(1994-05-22) May 22, 1994 (age 29)
Contacts: +263 77 4 181540

Poptain Yardbwoy (real name Ameen Jaleel Yaseen) is a Zimdancehall artist. He is most known for his 2020 song Fadza Mutengi as well as other collaboration songs with artists such as Uncle Epatan, Nutty O.


Poptain was born on 22 May 1994. Potain was partly raised in Gweru and later moved to Harare in 2004. He completed his high school education in Harare at Majlisul Ulama Zimbabwe (Independent College Zimbabwe). He started doing music sessions at school and the encouragement he got from friends and admirers inspired him to pursue it as a career.[1]

Relationship With Anita Jaxson

In June 2021, Poptain revealed that he was dating Anita Jaxson.[2]

However, in April 2022, Anita and Poptain both confirmed that their relationship was a sham, a fake romance to shore up their careers. They both gave interviews coming clean on the affair, revealing they never dated and were both in relationships. However, their version of events differed with Poptain saying it was Anita Jaxson who instigated the whole thing but Anita rejected the claim. She said they were both guilty as they had succumbed to pressure after many said they were good together. She said even Poptain's wife was in on the act as she had attended some of their shows. She said if Poptain had issues with it why would he ride on that wave for over a year. When they did the interviews the two had fallen out and had not spoken for months.[3]

Music Career

After completing his high school education, Poptain went into the studio in 2011. Initially, his stage name was Mad Arzlaan but he later changed to Poptain on the advice of a friend in the industry, Nuddy Nice.[1]

Poptain has said his role model is Mavado, the Jamaican musician. "His style is something else", he said in an interview.[1]



  • Fadza Mutengi ft Allanah
  • Tetena Amount

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Poptain is Muslim. He commented on his name:

My name is precious. Ameen means trustworthy and Abduljaleel means a slave of power- God’s power. I was given the name by my parents and I am Muslim.



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