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Tapiwa Freddy
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Tapiwa Freddy
ChurchGoodness and Mercy Ministries
Personal details
DenominationChristian, Prophetic
OccupationSelf Proclaimed Prophet

Prophet Tapiwa Freddy is a Zimbabwean self proclaimed prophet and gospel musician based in Harare. He is the founder and leader of Goodness and Mercy Ministries (GMM) which he established in 2005. The church was founded in Glen View, a high density surburb in Harare, where its headquarters are located.

Freddy is most known for ‘spiritual spectacles’, a claimed miracle where he prays for an individual and immediately their eyes are “anointed’ with a spiritual eye where they can prophesy on their own.


Tapiwa Freddy is said to have started prophesying at the age of 10. He attended high school at Glen View High 2 and Royal College. After school he enrolled for bible school at Soul Travailing Bible Institute from 2010-2012 and proceeded to His Presence Ministries where he would pastor and sing.


  • In February 2016 Freddy introduced a so-called anointed soap for female members of his church. He claimed the anointed soap, which was called "Eva soap", would help of bringing back lost lovers and igniting lost sexual passion among couples that are growing distant. Freddy said the female congregants just had to wash their underwear with the soap or use it for bathing ensuring that "the soap passes where he has lost interest". [1]


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