Puma Energy

Puma Energy is an energy company that provides petrol, diesel and jet fuel.

Fueling business

Puma Energy customers range from multinationals to local businesses. They include many of the world ’s mining companies and businesses in sectors such as transport, power generation, industrial, manufacturing, agricultural and construction.


In 2014, Sakunda Supplies financed the refurbishment of the Beria-Harare Feruka-Harare Pipeline pipeline and its loading and off-loading infrastructure at Beira, and Harare. (Business Weekly. 2020. “The face behind Sakunda.” Business Weekly, December 3). [1] It did so with with investment from the Swiss-based Trafigura which acquired 49% of Sakunda Supplies (the fuel importing and retailing unit of Sakunda Holdings) in 2014. ( Africa Confidential. 2014. “Trafigura takes over Sakunda.” Africa Confidential, May 8) (Trafigura’s acquisition of Sakunda Supplies was limited to 49% by the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act.)

Sakunda Supplies’ fuel importing division was later rebranded as Trafigura Zimbabwe (Business Daily. n.d. “Sakunda changes name to Trafigura.” Business Daily) while its fuel retailing division was rebranded as Puma Energy. (Muchinguri, W. 2015. “Puma Energy to unveil brand.” Herald, January 28). Puma Energy was based in Singapore. (Puma Energy is owned by Trafigura and Sonangol Holdings, an Angolan state-owned enterprise). Eighty-two per cent of Zimbabwe’s fuel imports over the period, 2017-19, came from Singapore. (Cartel Power Dynamics in Zimbabwe author’s calculations based on Zimstat data)

In 2021, Puma was mentioned on p22 of Cartel Power Dynamics in Zimbabwe under Case Study 2 The Fuel Cartels.
And p25 under Case Study 3 The Agriculture Cartels.


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