Pungwe Falls

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Pungwe Falls
Nearest townNyanga
Coordinates18⁰25′18.55″S 32⁰46′49.05″

Pungwe Falls is a waterfall in Nyanga , Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe.

Visitors Guide

  • When to visit: All year round Monday to Sunday 6 am to 6 pm
  • Fee: An entrance fee is chargeable for Pungwe Falls which includes Mtarazi Falls.
  • Directions

From the Rhodes Nyanga Hotel: 0.67 KM turn left onto the scenic road, 1.04 KM continue straight on ignoring the road to the right, 2.10 KM continue straight on the scenic road ignoring the road to the left,

6.73 KM continue straight on the scenic road ignoring the road to the right, 11.0 KM turn left onto the road marked Pungwe Falls and Mtarazi Falls, 20.2 KM turn off left for Pungwe Drift road, 20.9 KM arrive at Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority office, 21.4 KM arrive at Pungwe Drift

For the return journey: From Pungwe Falls road turnoff turn right onto the scenic road reversing direction, 9.2 KM turn left (i.e. not returning by the same scenic road) 15.9 KM turn right on the A14 for Nyanga National Park, or left for Juliasdale. [1]


The Pungwe Falls flows across the Mozambique border and eventually into the Indian Ocean. The source of the water is the Pungwe River n which flows throughout the year. It is advised to visit the falls accompanied by a tour guide.

Cecil John Rhodes once wrote in 1896 about Pungwe Falls

“Dear McDonald, Inyanga is much finer than you described…Before it is all gone, buy me (quickly) up to 100 000 acres [400 km²], and be sure to take in the Pungwe Falls.” [2]


  • fly-fishing for rainbow trout
  • whitewater rafting
  • kayaking
  • Sightseeing
  • nature walks
  • hiking
  • camping.
  • river rafting


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