R.Peels is a Zimbabwean hip hop musician.


R-Peels was born in Warren Park. He is the oldest in a family of 6.[1]

Real Name

Bruce Tanaka Mungoyo[1]


R.Peels was born in 1994.[1]


In 2020, R Peels led the Zim Hip Hop Awards nominees list with eight nominations.[2] In a 2020 interview with H-Metro R Peels said he has released an album each year since 2017.[3]

Criticising Zim Hip Hop Awards

In 2019 R-Peels was amongst the rappers that asked Zim Hip Hop Awards organisers to exclude them in future editions saying the awards have lost their appeal. He said:

"F*** Zim Hip hop awards I am bigger than you, never put my name on your list. You don’t deserve my effort. I’m the most hated, most consistent and most talented Zim hip hop artiste. I am done with the Borrowdale hip hop awards, I’m done with Zimhiphop awards. Mudiwa Hood, Stunner and King 98 are obviously the most terrible rappers we’ve all heard. I always told you people are buying awards Best HipHop album rine Rhumba, I’m done."




  • Pyronomia Flame (2014)


  • Muchinjiko: The Crossover (2020)
  • Zviri Eva Beautiful (2017)
  • Kudenga Kure


  • Songs of Solomon EP
  • Forgive My Honesty (2015)


R.Peels - Eke (Official Music Video)
R.Peels - Thankful (Official Music Video) ft. Nutty O
R.Peels - Andiroya (Official Music Video) ft. Ishan
R.Peels, Ti Gonzi - Moto (Official Music Video)
R.Peels - Musiye Akadaro


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