Recycle in Zimbabwe

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A directory of those involved in recycling in Zimbabwe. And some news.



Recycling 2021

In August 2021, it was reported that some families in Kwekwe were earning a ‘decent’ living through recyclable materials from dumps. Some at Amaveni dumpsite said they made an average of US$400 a month. Waste pickers there are collecting select materials such as scrap metal, food waste, paper, and plastic from the rest of unwanted waste then sell to it.

Companies then, reportedly from as far as Harare, buy it crush or bail it, and export it. One waste picker claimed plastic he heaped amounted to 6 tons. The waste pickers complained about;

  • lack of personal protective equipment and running water at the site.
  • loss of raw materials to fires that burn at the dumpsite.
  • being duped by middlemen who underpaid for the raw materials.


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