Born (1987-01-31) January 31, 1987 (age 35)
  • Musician, House DJ

Reverb 7 is a Zimbabwean musician, producer and House DJ. He is mostly known for his hit Confuse me. His uses African percussions signature sound in all of his music because, according to him, it represents his Zimbabwean pride. He has worked with notable personalities such as Andy Brown , Tehn Diamond, Vimbai Mutinhiri, Dj Naida , Simba Tagz and Ammara Brown. His songs, such as Honai and Confuse me topped the radio charts in Zimbabwe. As a DJ he has performed at prominent events such HIFA.


Reverb7 was born in Harare Zimbabwe on January 31st 1987. He completed a law degree at Tumaini University of Tanzania in 2009.


Reverb7 has said he fell in love with house music in 2010 after listening to DJ Kent’s “I can’t Survive” album.

Reverb7 became famous playing in clubs in Zimbabwe in 2011.



  • “And You Know This Man” The Mixtape: Various Artists (2010)
  • Out of My Mind: Back In 5 Minutes (2011)
  • Reverb7 & Friends: Season 1 (2013)

Movie Soundtracks

  • Playing Warriors (2011)
  • Lobola (2011)
  • Conversations With My Mother (Short Film) (2012)