Saintfloew Biography
BornTawanda Mambo
Known forBeing a musician

Saintfloew is a Zimbabwean singer and songwriter signed to Holy Ten's Samanyanga Sounds music label.


HE is from Chitungwiza.[1]

Real Name

Saintfloew's real name is Tawanda Mambo.[2]


He was born in 1997.[1]


Saintfloew released a joint EP with Holy Ten titled Juta Pipo.

He met Holy Ten after he had posted on his IG story that all upcoming artists should send their demos to his email because he was starting a record label. Saintfloew sent him a demo of Gundamwenda and his response was that he would invest.

When Holy Ten came back from Ghana and a tour in the UK after four months the two met and started making music.[1]



  • Juta Pipo


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