Sekuru Ndunge

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Sekuru Ndunge, born Charles Makwiyana Ndunge, was a Chipinge traditional healer. Also called sangoma, prophet and n’anga. He made his headquarters at Southdown estate. Like Sekuru Chinengoni, and Ndunge Makuyana other Chipinge traditional healers, he was well known and consulted by a large number of clients, some very wealthy and some senior politicians, locally, regionally and internationally.

There is some speculation on the roles traditional healers may play. For example, the affair when Rotina Mavhunga, a traditional healer, claimed she had found pure diesel oozing out of Maninga Hills in Chinhoyi. The whole Cabinet, with more than five holders of doctorates, sent a security cluster there, including current Vice-President Kembo Mohadi, to appease the spirits. Not one thought about the scientific creation of carbon-based fuels.

Personal Details

Born – 1932..
Started as traditional healer – 1948.
Lived - Southdown estate, Chipinge.
Twelve children, six boys, six girls. Including Jane (eldest surviving child) and Jabulani (eldest surviving son).
1 April 2019 – Passed away from diabetes.

School / Education

No information could be found on his Junior or High School, or any tertiary education.
Sekuru Ndunge was a former national cycling champion, then a pastor, and finally a well known sangoma.

Service / Career

Sekuru Ndunge is said to have served more than two million people, in over 70 years of work. Reported he was visited by clients which included top politicians and senior businessmen, from Zimbabwe, southern Africa, and Europe.

He was well remunerated for his services, with a fleet of Chevrolets, Bentleys, Mercs, BMWs and other vehicles, bought with his fees, parked outside his estate. [1]


He was involved in the medical / traditional healers issue over treatment of HIV and Aids. He believed there was no proof that anyone had ‘cured’ anyone of the affliction, which brought him into conflict with many members of the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association and Zimbabwe National Practitioners’ Association. Until a cure was found, doctors /hospitals and traditional healers needed to work in tandem. Not in opposition.

He claimed that for one to fight witchcraft and evil, one must first master these dark crafts. He did say, however, he preferred to practice the art than fight it. He was critical of celebrity preacher-healers, and said many people were Christians by day and followers of traditional healing by night. Sangomas, he asserts, are not acting in good faith by opposing that which they practise nocturnally. [1]

Upon his death, there was no consensus among Sekuru Ndunge’s children, as to who would succeed him. Jane – the eldest surviving child, declared herself the successor. Eldest surviving son, Jabulani, said there is not yet a successor to his father’s exploits. [2]

James Muchemei, a senior member of a local apostolic sect, said Sekuru Ndunge actually came to their church gathering and openly announced that he would be dying soon. He demanded that all those who still had his paraphernalia must surrender it. He was seeking assistance from one of our senior prophets. That is when he was given a chance to speak to us. He openly told us that he would be dying soon.

“During the same speech, he also told us that anyone who still has his paraphanalia must surrender. He meant that they should surrender before he dies but now that he has died I am not sure what will they those who have not surrendered) do,” said Muchemeyi. [3]

After his death, a debate occurred over whether he should be honoured by having a Chipinge Street named after him. The road in question was the one to Southdown. A fairly divisive debate, between Christians and traditional animists, those who believed all traditional healers would then likewise have to be so honoured, such as Sekuru Chinengozi and Muchoroza. And others felt it should then be extended to all Ndau, such as Ndabaningi Sithole, or former Reserve Bank [RBZ] Governor, Kombo Moyana.

Chipinge Town Council had to acknowledge Ndunge’s role in bringing visitors to the district. “We have a lot of respect for your work, made famous through the thousands of local, regional and international visitors who thronged our town,” [4]

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